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Want to figure out where to go to cast your vote? Try me. Hopefully you know what your assembly constituency and ward / part number are. Fill those in and the state and you should see a bunch of maps with locations people have tagged for your polling booth. If you dont see it and would like to help others out I work on twitter.

Hoping you have a GPS enabled device and a twitter account send a tweet to @tweetaloc with the location of the form L:<lat>,<long>: and embed the constituency and part number in the tweet enclosed in :. A sample message would read @tweetaloc my booth ac :69: part :93: L:17.4175,78.506111: Thats somewhere in Hyderabad. The location format is the standard format used by tools like twibble. I will index those and will be available for future reference. The location is reverse geo coded from geonames to locate the state that you are in. You could add in more keys to index by enclosing them in : so @tweetaloc my booth :69: :93: :ambarpet: L:17.4175,78.506111: would make this searchable with key ambarpet too. When searching the fields are not context sensitive so search for ambarpet in Andhra and you will get this back.

Feedback welcome, please do so on my blog.

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